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Atomization, Sprays, and Atomizers Course Offered

The Center for Professional Advancement’s (CfPA) is offering Atomization, Sprays and Atomizers March 10-11 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This course is for professionals in the chemical, biotechnology, agricultural sprays, food, pulp and paper, combustion, and medical areas. Those involved with spray-dependent processes, including chemical reactors, coatings, spray drying, powder metallurgy, evaporative cooling, specialty chemicals, combustion, and medical sprays will benefit.

Atomization is an important process used in many industries, including chemical, petrochemical, biochemical, medical, food, paper, combustion, fuels, and agriculture.

This course provides an introduction to atomization for engineers, scientists and technologists who are interested in or need to know more about atomization, atomizer design, atomizer specifications, and selection for various applications.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

* State the various types of atomizers, their expected performance, capabilities and limitations
* Comprehend design and operating variables and their effects on performance, i.e., which variables have significant effects and which variables have little or no effects
* Conduct proper equipment selection, optimization and maintenance for an application
* Calculate drop size, spray angles, and other performance characteristics of different atomizers
* Perform drying calculations for spray dryers that include heating rates, air flow rates, and moisture calculations

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