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Artisan Industries Introduces Continuous Lab-Scale Evaporator/Dryer

Article-Artisan Industries Introduces Continuous Lab-Scale Evaporator/Dryer

Image courtesy of Artisan Industries Inc. Artisan evaporator-dryer
Artisan Industries introduces continuous lab-scale evaporator/dryer.
Evaporator/dryer is designed for continuous evaporation and liquid-to-powder drying of heat-sensitive materials.

The Rototherm Mini utilizes the same thin-film separation technology as Artisan’s production-scale Rototherm evaporators. It is designed for continuous evaporation and liquid-to-powder drying of heat-sensitive materials.

Horizontal Orientation

Unlike vertical evaporators, the Rototherm Mini has a horizontal orientation that provides researchers complete control over residence time. This allows for liquid-to-powder drying in a single pass and improved product yield.

Enhanced Design

The Rototherm Mini features a high-speed rotor that utilizes centrifugal force to create an agitated thin-film. This design provides improvements over traditional wiped-film evaporators (WFE). It is capable of processing viscous or foaming liquids and slurries. In addition, the stainless steel, fixed-clearance rotor provides easier cleaning.


The Rototherm Mini provides researchers the ability to develop continuous processes at lab-scale that can be scaled-up for production.

Additional product specifications include:

  • 5-50 ml/min feed rate
  • Maximum operating temperature 450°F
  • Operating pressure - full vacuum to 15 psi
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean

Artisan Industries Inc., Stoughton, MA 781- 893-6800 www.artisanind.com

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