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Clamp Technology Minimizes Process Contamination

LJ Star's new Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicator

LJ Star announces a new design concept to visual flow indicator assemblies that eliminates threads and gasket compression problems that lead to contamination.

Designed for hygienic/sterile applications in pharmaceutical, food/beverage, brewery, and biotech industries, the new Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicator (CT-SVFI), uses a patent-pending design to prevent the O-ring and gasket compression issues that lead to contamination associated with conventional screwed or threaded designs.

The CT-SVFI uses a mechanical stop design rather than screw threads to apply precisely controlled compression to gaskets and O-rings every time. This metal-to-metal stop provides equal axial force on the O-ring, eliminating a twisting or torsional movement of the seal. This prevents stretching and bunching of the O-ring, resulting in gaps and intrusion that can trap bacteria and contaminants. Just as beneficial, the design better maintains alignment of the O-ring, glass, and metal ID, allowing better drainability. The CT-SVFI design actually gets to the root of contamination build-up, reducing cleaning issues and frequency.

The new design concept offers easier assembly and disassembly than threaded-designed visual flow indicators. The clamp connection eliminates additional tools or specialized equipment for device installation.

The CT-SVFI also offers the largest possible viewing area consistent with mechanical integrity of the component. When compared to typical visual flow indicators, the CT-SVFI allows for a viewing area increase of up to 34% with the standard face-to-face dimensions.

LJ Star Inc., 330-405-3040 Twinsburg, OH www.ljstar.com

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