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#PowderJams: “Chemists Know” by UC Irvine Dept. of Chemistry

Powder & Bulk Solids highlights the songs that strike a chord in the hearts of professionals who work with dry particulate and bulk solid materials.

Produced by the University of California Irvine Department of Chemistry in 2014, this parody of the song “Let It Go” from the film Frozen quickly went viral. The video generated more than 50,000 views in one week after it was posted to YouTube.

The gag tune illustrates the many ways that “Chemists know, chemists know,” about how nature and the world works: “Chemists know, chemists know, what makes water freeze and flow / Chemists know, chemists know, why fireflies can glow.”

It also features numerous nods to bits knowledge that only chemists are privy to, like “Sigma bonding vs. Pi,” “understanding Le Chatelier Equilibrium,” and the Exclusion Principle of Pauli.

If you’re in need of some laughs, check out this chemistry-themed track.

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