#PowderJams: “The Chemical Engineering Song” by Power Salad

Powder & Bulk Solids highlights the songs that strike a chord in the hearts of professionals who work with dry particulate and bulk solid materials.

Written by Power Salad, a Houston, TX comedic rock band formed by musicians Craig Marks and Chris Mezzolesta, “The Chemical Engineering Song” is a rare track that offers a look at the life of engineers working in the chemical industry.

Written in a style that sort of sounds like the classic 60’s group The Troggs, Power Salad’s lyrics feature a husband’s lamentations on his wife’s busy job as a chemical engineer.

“She brings home all these blueprints of chemical plants and makes all these notations while I’m trying for romance.”

The engineer’s husband gripes over and over that he really has no clue what her job involves.

“To me what she does is a complete mystery, I’m not stupid, but what the hell is DCPD?”

It is unclear if the tune is based on the band’s real-life experiences, but it is certainly possible given that the duo is based out of Houston, a center of America’s chemical industry.

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