Petrochemical Firm Taps Honeywell UOP for Hydrogen Tech

April 6, 2020

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Petrochemical Firm Taps Honeywell UOP for Hydrogen Tech

Process technology supplier and licensor Honeywell UOP will supply five Polybed pressure swing absorption (PSA) units to a new Shenghong Petrochemical refinery complex in Lianyuangang, Jiangsu Province, China that will provide the site with high-purity hydrogen, the company announced in a recent release. 

“Petrochemical manufacturers, including Shenghong Petrochemical, increasingly need extremely pure, reliable, and economical supplies of hydrogen, and UOP’s PSA technology continues to be among the most advanced and efficient source of pure hydrogen in the industry,” Bryan Glover, vice president and general manager, Petrochemicals & Refining Technologies at Honeywell UOP, said in a statement. “Hydrogen purification is an essential component for making clean transportation fuels, remove contaminants, and improve the quality of fuels and petrochemicals.”

Debuted in 1966, the skid-mounted, modular Polybed PSA systems work with proprietary adsorbents to take impurities out of process streams that involve hydrogen. Honeywell UOP said its technology can recover and purify hydrogen to be 99.9% pure. 

The system can also remove hydrogen from ethylene off-gas, methanol off-gas, partial-oxidation synthesis gas, and other sources. 

The company has installed more than 1,000 Polybed PSA systems across over 70 countries. Honeywell UOP also supplies catalysts, adsorbents, equipment, and offers consulting services to petroleum refining, petrochemical, and gas processing firms. 

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