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BASF to Shutter Glufosinate-Ammonium Plant in Michigan

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The company plans to shutter facilities in Knapsack, Germany and Muskegon, MI that produce the non-selective herbicide.

German chemicals and materials firm BASF is moving to close two production facilities for the glufosinate-ammonium (GA) and its intermediates as it consolidates manufacturing of the non-selective herbicide to other plants and sites in Germany, the US and Canada.

The company’s Muskegon, MI plant and one of three plants in Knapsack, Germany will be shuttered by 2022, according to an announcement this week. About 100 workers at the sites will be impacted as a result of the decision.

“This step is part of further developing the GA business long-term to strengthen BASF’s competitive positioning in the non-selective herbicide segment to better serve our customers,” Vincent Gros, president of the firm’s Agricultural Solutions division, said in a statement. “We remain committed to the GA product line, as the recently announced acquisition of Glu-L technology from AgriMetis LLC shows.”

BASF will release detailed timelines of the facility closures in the next few months. The company said it will help impacted workers look for other opportunities within BASF.

The Muskegon facility started operations in 1975 and currently contains two plants and two packaging lines, according to a fact sheet on the facility on BASF’s website. 80 workers were employed at the site as of 2019.

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