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ACC Congratulates Speaker McCarthy, Ready to Work with House

Image courtesy of American Chemistry Council Logo_ACC.jpg
ACC, members looking to advance important policies

The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) president and chief executive officer, Chris Jahn, released a statement in response to Representative Kevin McCarthy winning House speakership.

“ACC and its members congratulate Speaker McCarthy, Democratic Leader Jeffries, and the newly elected 118th Congress. There’s no question that we are all facing a challenging political climate over the next year. But together, we can work constructively to advance smart policies that strengthen American manufacturing, make our supply chains more resilient, fight inflation, and enable the chemical industry to manufacture innovative solutions today that help build a more sustainable tomorrow. We urge Speaker McCarthy and the new Congress to remember:

* Chemistry is essential to our economy: We are a $517 billion industry that creates more than half a million skilled, good-paying American jobs.

* Being energy-smart and climate-smart go hand in hand: Chemical manufacturing is an energy-intensive industry; Congress can help enable a lower-emissions future for American manufacturers by facilitating access to a range of energy sources, including natural gas, while promoting energy efficiency and advancing new technologies.

* A well-functioning chemical management program is critical: At a time when the US government has prioritized domestic American production of products like semiconductors, wind turbines, and electric vehicles, the EPA must fix its broken New Chemicals Program and improve implementation of TSCA.

* We agree that we must move goods fast and cheaper in America: Promoting greater competition among freight carriers – especially ocean and freight rail carriers - is one of the best ways to tame inflation, bolster our supply chain and support US manufacturing.

* Chemistry and infrastructure are mutually reliant: The innovations made possible by the US business of chemistry are essential to infrastructure development and US chemical manufacturers depend on reliable infrastructure systems. Chemistry makes infrastructure lighter, stronger, more resilient, and more cost effective.

* Chemistry is at the heart of an innovative future: From lithium-ion batteries to solar cells and wind turbines, to energy-efficient insulation and windows, to lightweight materials for fuel efficient cars and automobiles, chemistry—and the facilities that produce chemistry—are guiding the way forward to a more innovative, sustainable future. 

“We hope moving forward, Congress avoids adopting policies that will penalize an industry that enables progress on solving some of the biggest challenges facing our nation today. We look forward to working together to turn the challenges we face into opportunities that strengthen our economy, protect our environment, and advance the wellbeing of the American people.”

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