February 3, 2020

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Smart-Hose Technologies Granted Exception by RRCT
Image courtesy of Smart-Hose Technologies

Smart-Hose Technologies has been granted an exception from the RRCT LP-Gas Safety Rule Section 9.143(d)(7)(E)(i-ii) which mandates a 12" schedule 80 riser pipe be used for product transfer at bulk-head applications. The exception allows LPG bulk head transfer applications to utilize the Smart-Hose Break-Away coupler as an alternative. 

The Smart-Hose Break-Away coupler is designed with an engineered break point located between two swing check valves. In the event of a pull-away, the Smart-Hose Break-Away coupler would automatically shut off at both the bulk-head and tank truck side. This exception improves the safety of product transfers at bulk-head applications.

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The Smart-Hose Break-Away Coupler

-       Designed as a passive safety device, the Smart-Hose Break-Away coupler requires no human intervention to activate.
-       Full flow.
-       Economic Impact: Reduces plant closures, repair of plant facilities, and helps prevent increased insurance premiums due to pull-away instances.
-       Both check valves are designed to close simultaneously. Product flow instantaneously shuts down in both directions in the event of a pull-away.

Smart-Hose Technologies is an engineering company located in Folcroft, PA that designs and produces integrated safety and break-away systems for industrial transfer applications. The Smart-Hose® Safety System can be installed inside of transfer hose assemblies from ¼” ID to 8” ID and break-away technologies in 1 ¼”, 2 and 3” ID.

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