May 1, 2017

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Kraft Heinz Overhauls Oscar Meyer Hot Dog Recipe
Kraft Heinz is changing the Oscar Meyer hot dog recipe. Image courtesy of Flickr user preppybyday

The Kraft Heinz Company is changing the ingredients used in the production of Oscar Meyer hot dogs, in a bid to make the American brand “the first in the market” to offer hot dogs with no added nitrates or nitrates, artificial preservatives in meat, and by-products, Kraft Heinz announced via press release Monday.

“Oscar Meyer is America’s most iconic hot dog brand, and, as the equity leader, we felt it was time to take a stand for the love of a better dog,” Oscar Meyer’s head of marketing, Greg Guidotti, said in a statement. “We heard from hot dog fans across the country that they wanted a hot dog without artificial preservatives in meat, or added nitrates or nitrates – all without compromising on the great Oscar Meyer taste they know and love.”

Kraft’s effort to reformulate its hot dogs come after a year-long recipe tasting and experimentation process. The food company timed the debut of the overhauled hot dog recipe with a national integrated marketing campaign.

“While it wasn’t an easy task, we’re excited to say that we did it. Across every single one of our hot dogs… No added nitrates or nitrates. No artificial preservatives. No by-products. And, all while providing the same great taste,” said Guidotti. “Oscar Meyer is the first national brand to do it across every single one of our hot dogs, and we did this without changing the price to consumers. We’re excited that everyone will now have access to a better quality hot dog with the best quality ingredients.”

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