Exxon Increases Output of Key Raw Materials Used in PPE

April 16, 2020

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Exxon Increases Output of Key Raw Materials Used in PPE
ExxonMobil is increasing its capacity for isopropyl alcohol and polypropylene, used in the production of PPE, at several manufacturing sites. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Oil and gas firm ExxonMobil is working to increase its capacity for certain raw ingredients used to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizer in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the company announced Wednesday. 

Production of polypropylene, used in medical masks and gowns, is slated to rise by 1,000 tn/mo, which is enough material to manufacture 200 million masks or 20 million gowns. The firm’s capacity for isopropyl alcohol, which is a key ingredient in hand sanitizer products and disinfectants, will grow by 3,000 tn/mo.

“We’re increasing our manufacturing capabilities to meet this critical need to help keep doctors, nurses, and first responders health and safe,” ExxonMobil Chemical Company President Karen KcKee said in a company press release. “Our team has been working around the clock, applying our engineering and technical know-how and working with our customers to make this happen.”

Exxon is adding polypropylene capacity to its sites in Baytown, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, and Singapore. The additional isopropyl alcohol assets will come on line at its Baton Rouge facility. 

The company said that although it is adding some resources to boost its production of polypropylene and isopropyl alcohol, Exxon said it should be able to fulfill its existing orders for other chemicals. 

“Given the unprecedented global pandemic, isopropyl alcohol and polypropylene are being prioritized at chemical manufacturing facilities; however, ExxonMobil anticipates it will continue to meet its contractual obligations to manufacture other chemical products,” the company said.

In mid-March, Exxon announced that it is examining ways to “significantly reduce spending” as the COVID-19 pandemic rocks global markets and pushes commodity prices down. 

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