Cargill Forms Partnership with Phytogenic Feed Additive Firm

July 19, 2017

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Cargill Forms Partnership with Phytogenic Feed Additive Firm
Cargill is investing in phytogenic feed additives with a new strategic partnership. Image courtesy of USDA

Wayzata, MN-based Cargill entered into a strategic partnership with Delacon, an Austrian firm that produces phytogenic, or plant-based, animal feed additives, to expand its market presence globally, a Delacon press release announced this month.

Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives are produced using natural ingredients like herbs, spices, plants, and extracts like essential oils. The move to form a partnership with Cargill is a result of developments in consumer awareness of the contents of animal feed and how the feed is made and a desire to reach customers across the world, the release said.

“Our agreement with Cargill represents an opportunity to accelerate growth and incest in Delacon’s future and the future of phytogenic feed additives, as our customers are looking for solutions delivered in a natural, efficient, and sustainable way – from feed to food, said Delacon Chief Executive Officer Markus Dedl in a statement. “Phytogenics are one of the most promising groups of feed additives, and are turning from a niche market into a mainstream need.”

The partnership comes after a collaboration between the firms over the past few years and boosts Cargill’s presence and capabilities in the feed additives category, the release said.

“Delacon has a strong reputation, recognizable brand, and a deep commitment to scientifically driven customer solutions that focus on healthy animals, feed efficiency, and performance in a sustainable manner,” Chuck Warta, president of Cargill Premix and Nutrition, said in Delacon’s release.

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