Brightmark to Build First Plastics-to-Fuel Plant in U.S.

April 12, 2019

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Brightmark to Build First Plastics-to-Fuel Plant in U.S.
Single use plastic will be processed into fuels and commercial grade wax at the new Brightmark Energy plant in Indiana. Image courtesy of Pixabay

California-based waste and energy development firm Brightmark Energy announced Thursday that it secured a $260 million financing packaged to build the first commercial scale plastics-to-fuel facility in the U.S. in Ashley, IN.

The plant will concert mixed waste single use plastics into ultra-low sulfur diesel and naphtha blend stocks and commercial grade wax. Upon completion, Brightmark’s plant will have an initial capacity to process 100,000 tn of plastic waste into 18 million gal/yr of fuel and six million gal/yr of wax. 

“We are excited about the market’s confidence in the validity of this technology to economically concert single-use plastics for new uses,” the firm’s chief executive officer, Bob Powell, said in a company press release. “This technology provides a strong incentive for diverting single use plastics away from oceans, waterways, communities, and landfills by creating reusable value. Plastic pollution is such a pressing global issue, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to provide a solution.”

Brightmark said outputs from the plant could be used in the coming years to produce plastic manufacturing feedstocks. A recent report by research firm Closed Loop Partners posits that a $120 billion market exists in the U.S. and Canada for recycled waste products and feedstocks that could assist industry in reducing their usage of fossil fuels. 

136 new jobs will be created as a result of the company’s investment. The company said BP will purchase some of the fuels made at the new plant and distribute them in the regional petroleum market. AM WAX will purchase the commercial grade wax manufactured at the facility. 

The company plans to hold a groundbreaking ceremony at the site next month.  

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