Ardent Mills Tapped to Supply Colorado Quinoa Products

June 3, 2019

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Ardent Mills Tapped to Supply Colorado Quinoa Products
The Annex by Ardent Mills was named the exclusive supplier of Colorado Quinoa's U.S.-grown quinoa products. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Ardent Mills’ specialty grains-focused business unit The Annex was recently tapped to serve as the exclusive supplier of Colorado Quinoa LLC’s U.S.-grown quinoa products, the flour milling and ingredient company announced in a recent release. 

“We chose to work with The Annex because they have the skills and capabilities required to make Colorado Quinoa a nationally and internationally viable quinoa variety,” Paul New of Colorado Quinoa said in a statement. “Additionally, working with The Annex and Ardent Mills means we are supported by a trusted international supplier with expertise in processing, R&D, culinary, food safety, sustainability, and marketing.”

Ardent Mills said its relationship with Colorado Quinoa will help further the market for U.S.-produced quinoa by making pricing more stable, offering scalable supply, and increasing the sustainability and traceability of the products.

“We are excited to collaborate with Colorado Quinoa as part of our commitment to ancient and heirloom grains, plant-based ingredients, and value-added products,” said The Annex General Manager Shrene White in the release. “By being the exclusive supplier of Colorado Quinoa, we are furthering our commitment to family farms, the future of food and making The Annex the go-to source for domestically grown quinoa for our customers.”

Colorado Quinoa’s quinoa is grown in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. 

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