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CRB Names Dieterich as Senior Director of Sustainability

Article-CRB Names Dieterich as Senior Director of Sustainability

Image courtesy of CRB Group Dieterich with CRB
Global engineering firm CRB has named Mike Dieterich as its new senior director of Sustainability. Dieterich has 17 years of experience working on sustainability solutions.
Dieterich specializes in decarbonization, zero-waste, net-zero energy projects, and energy efficiency programs

CRB, an engineering, architecture, construction, and consulting solutions firm, has hired Mike Dieterich as its new Senior Director of Sustainability.

Dieterich has 17 years of experience in sustainable action, greenhouse gas reductions, and innovations within the built environment. He specializes in decarbonization, zero-waste, net-zero energy projects, and energy efficiency programs and is a celebrated leader in the sustainability community, with nearly 75 keynote speeches on sustainability, including TEDx talks. Dieterich also was recognized in 2021 for his contributions to new solutions, programs, and platforms in environment and energy management.

In his new role at CRB, Dieterich is responsible for developing and implementing strategic sustainability initiatives, driving innovation in environmental practices, and working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to achieve lasting sustainability goals for CRB's clients and their projects.

“Companies like CRB have an opportunity to drive sustainability across their own organizations, and apply those learnings and innovation outward for client projects that are profitable for everyone and benefit both people and the planet,” Dieterich said. “CRB is making this very commitment, and I couldn’t be more excited to join them.”

Dieterich has managed energy and sustainability for Washington DC’s public school modernization, managed a campus of 10 buildings with 1.28 million square feet, using available building analytics platforms, and integrating building management systems (BMS) to drive energy efficiency. He significantly reduced waste at a research and development site, with the site becoming the first True Zero Waste certified BioTech campus. Additionally, he facilitated a first-of-its-kind power purchasers agreement (PPA) in his region, oversaw high-performance green building renovations, provided net-zero consulting, and has guided projects through ambitious building certifications, including LEED Platinum. 

"CRB has a unique opportunity to holistically impact our clients' sustainability goals, starting with early design. Integrating a responsible strategy from the start helps our clients maximize their sustainability efforts, driving positive impact for them as well as their broader communities,” said Ryan Schroeder, CRB president and chief executive officer. “I’m thrilled to bring Mike aboard, and with his guidance, we’ll continue to move the industry forward and be proud of the support and innovation we provide to our clients.”

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