Dr. Mayer

Dr. Gerd Mayer

Explosion Venting/Suppression

Dr. Gerd Mayer is President of REMBE, INC., US subsidiary of Rembe®, GMBH, a quality consulting, engineering and safety technology manufacturer, selling top notch explosion protection, process safety and measurement products. Dr. Mayer is involved with every application of REMBE® products in the US market, including evaluation and engineering of every project. His hands-on approach has resulted in a depth of experience with combustible dust explosion prevention, protection and applications that is vital to industry and clients. Dr. Mayer has doctorate in Process Engineering as well as an Engineering degree, and has worked in a number of industries in the US and abroad. REMBE®, GMBH manufactures a number of innovative explosion protection and process safety products, including flameless indoor venting systems, and custom application rupture discs. They are also a member of the committee for NFPA 69

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