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Wet Agglomeration System

May 25, 2012
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The Schugi Flex-O-Mix is specifically designed to avoid the material buildup that often occurs when forming large particles from fine powders. A continuously deforming mixing chamber keeps wetted particles from adhering to equipment walls. This action prevents clogging and yields a more uniform particle with more consistent density, cohesiveness, and solubility. One or more powders are gravity fed in a continuous stream. Up to four different liquid streams can be injected simultaneously via spray nozzles on top of the mixing chamber. The liquid spray is generally atomized using compressed air. Instant mixing and short retention time (1-2 seconds) provide high production from small machines. The mixing chamber and rotor are easily accessible for sanitary clean up. Materials wet agglomeration is suited for include: detergents, chemicals, feeds, food dyes and thickeners, drink and soup mixes, milk replacers, gelatins, ceramics, Gypsum, and pharmaceuticals. Bepex International LLC, Minneapolis, MN 612-627-1406 www.bepex.com

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