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VHS Pressure Relief Valves

July 24, 2012
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VHS pressure relief valves are designed as a safety feature for silos to deal with abnormal pressure conditions. Sudden excess or suction pressure inside the silo structure must be dealt with instantly. Even though the VHS pressure relief valve ideally should never have to go into action, it must be efficient and reliable to meet any situation. The valves consist of a cylindrically shaped polymer body with flange connection spigot to the silo, an exhaust outlet spout in anti-wear polymer for duct connection, an elastic diaphragm to re-establish pressure balance instantaneously, a counterweight kit to keep the valve closed under normal conditions, and a weather protection cover. The double-acting diaphragm, which is pervious to air, deals with both excess and suction pressure relief. The diaphragm is designed to avoid blockage as well as the formation of material crusts. 
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