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Vertical Mixers

May 1, 2014

AVA offers three vertical mixers, Type HVW, with a volume of 50 cu m. Machines of this type consist of a conical vessel with a cylindrical upper part. On top is the vessel closed with a flat cover. The core of the vertical mixers is a helix, which is in an overhung position above the top cover. The close-to-the-wall operating helix moves the mixture along the vessel wall to the top where it flows down again in the center to the bottom. In this way, each particle is gently mixed until a homogeneous product is reached. To achieve an optimal residual emptying AVA waives on a bearing in the lower part of the vessel.
AVA-Huep GmbH u. Co.KG, Herrsching, Germany +49-8152-93 92 17 www.ava-huep.de

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