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July 1, 2011

Omega Engineering Inc.Relative Humidity On/Off Controller
The new RHCN-7000 series is a microprocessor-based on/off controller for humidifying or dehumidifying. Relative humidity, output status, and error messaging can be viewed on the bright green 3-digit LED display. The controller features a simple on/off control, 8-amp relay output, optional RH probe, and is compatible with most RH transmitters. It is ideal for clean rooms, greenhouses, pharmaceutical industries, and storage rooms where food items are stored in order to monitor and control the relative humidity. Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT 203-359-1660 http://www.omega.com

CTapco Inc.ountersunk Head Elevator Bolts
Tapco has added IFI Grade 5 No. 1 Norway flat countersunk head elevator bolts to its existing product line. The Grade 5 elevator bolts have greater proof load, minimum yield strength, and minimum tensile strength than traditional Grade 1 or Grade 2 bolts, allowing them to better withstand the additional forces exerted on elevator belt lap splices or other heavy-duty applications. Bolts are supplied with a yellow zinc-plated (CR3) coating and SAE grade marking, in 14 sizes ranging from ¼-20 x 3/4 to 3/8-16 x 2 in. Tapco also supplies Grade 2 bolts in six styles. Tapco Inc., St. Louis, MO 800-288-2726 www.tapcoinc.com

Eastern InstrumentsGravimetric Flow Meter
The patented CentriFlow meter is a mass flow metering device for measuring dry solids in a variety of applications, including mixing, blending, batching, and ratio control applications. It is an accurate alternative to weigh belts, impact meters, loss-in-weight meters, or static weigh scales. The CentriFlow meter has been successfully installed in industries ranging from the agricultural and aggregate industries to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Eastern Instruments, Wilmington, NC 910-392-2490 www.easterninstruments.com

United Conveyor Corp.Heated Knife Gate Valve
The 40DH heated blade knife gate valve is designed for on/off isolation service in pneumatic conveying systems. It is specifically designed for systems located downstream of dry scrubbers and dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems. The new 40DH version utilizes a heated blade technology to reduce build-up and hardening of high calcium ash and sorbents. The valve is designed for an operating pressure of 40 psi and is available in sizes ranging 4 to 14 in. Featuring a spring-loaded packing design, the valve maintains seal pressure during operation preventing leakage and extending the life of the blade and packing. United Conveyor Corp., Waukegan, IL 847-473-5900 www.unitedconveyor.com

Charles Ross & Son Co.Multi-Shaft Mixer
The 100-gal VersaMix multi-shaft mixer shown is equipped with a three-wing anchor agitator, high-speed disperser, rotor/stator mixer designed for sub-surface powder induction, feed ports with pneumatically-actuated ball valves, jacketed mix vessel, level sensor, vacuum/pressure transmitter, clean-in-place rotary spray nozzles, a magnetic iron trap on the discharge piping, and a transfer pump assembly that can measure viscosity and density to verify that the batch is complete and within spec. The whole system is explosion-proof and includes PLC controls. Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677 www.mixers.com

FGreat Western Manufacturingree-Swinging Sifter
The HS sifter is a high-capacity machine that is made in two, four, six, or eight sections, with each holding from 17 to 30 sieves utilizing three different sieve sizes of 24 11/16, 28 3/4 or 30 7/8 in. Each machine is custom engineered to suit product characteristics, load demands, and customer requirements. The HS sifter is constructed with dust-tight doors and crevice-free joints to assure sanitary operation. It is available with either the original rack and pinion sieve compression system or a pneumatic sieve compression system for easy maintenance and to assure uniform and constant sieve compression. Dependable operation is assured due to the sifter’s proven smooth starting and stopping drive that features high-capacity bearings and drive-mounted motor and adjustable motor base. Great Western Manufacturing, Leavenworth, KS 913-682-2291  www.gwmfg.com