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SpaceSaver Dust Collectors Feature Leak-Free Cartridges

Based on customer requests, the SpaceSaver dust collector is up to 75% smaller than traditional baghouse collectors and features leak-free, durable cartridges. A superior cleaning mechanism with directed airflow makes SpaceSaver a tough, small, efficient dust collector. The unit’s low-profile, compact design addresses a need where high efficiency collection is required, yet a small footprint is necessary. SpaceSaver is easy to access and offers tool-free maintenance. It uses one-piece cartridges, instead of a bag and cage combination, making them easier to maintain. The cartridges are durable, easily washable, and leak-free. Made with nanofiber technology, they also trap dust more effectively.
Applications include bucket elevator aspiration, belt conveyor transfer points, mixer ventilation, scale hopper ventilation, super sack fillers and unloaders, silo venting, hammer mill aspiration, and seed cleaning.
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