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Python Conveyor Routs around Obstructions

September 19, 2013

The Python Conveyor can be installed in both a vertical and horizontal position, and can be routed around obstructions with radius of turn as small as 10 ft. It is a dust-free system when transporting material by totally encasing the product. The Python tube inherits the closing force when manufactured. No mechanical devices are needed for closing the tube and for securing conveyed material in any position. An important quality control issue is checking the stability of closing forces. The photo shows a special installation, which is testing ready-to-go Python Conveyor tube sample for one million open/close cycles. For a 600-ft-long conveyor with a speed of 500 ft/min, one million openings/closings of the tube will be reached after more than 27 months, working 24/7 year-round.
ATBC LLC, Park Ridge, IL 847-648-2822 www.python-conveyor.com

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