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Pneumatic Blending Systems

Nol-Tec’s pneumatic blending systems provide quick, high-quality blending for uniform batches. Wear-resistant aerators inject gentle pulses of compressed air into a hopper cone, lifting materials upward and outward for a thorough blend. You fully control the mix through adjustments of air-pulse pressure, frequency, and duration. Powdered, granulated, friable, or abrasive materials move gently, minimizing degradation of materials and equipment deterioration. Systems require minimum maintenance, using virtually no moving parts in the product contact area. The blending system can be mounted on the cone of a dense-phase transporter, for blending and conveying with a single piece of equipment. A 32-in.-diam silo blender is also available, which offers the efficiency of uniform blending with the convenience of large batch capacity, mixed right in the silo.
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