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Ploughshare and Blade Mixer

April 1, 2020
Palamatic Ploughshare and Blade batch mixer
Palamatic Ploughshare and Blade batch mixer

The Ploughshare and Blade batch mixer is used for fast mixing of all types of powders and bulk solids. On average, the typical batch mixing time is 1-4 minutes. This mixing device is also capable of consistent reproducibility between batches. 

Common applications include pigment and toner masterbatches, dried fruit recipes, and agglomerated materials requiring dispersion during mixing.

The Ploughshare mixer offers several key advantages for any powder process, including high-speed and homogenous blending, no dead zones or pockets, CIP design, low dilution ratios, deflocculating devices, no risk of cross-contamination, liquid additives and heating/cooling jackets.

The ploughshare mixer can be integrated into a fully automated system or used in a manual loading and unloading batch process. Other design options include center or offset discharge, temperature sensors, air or nitrogen seal purge, abrasion-resistant liners and coatings, etc.

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