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pellcon3 Pneumatic Conveying

June 5, 2013
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Economical, reliable operation and low attrition of the conveyed product are key factors for selecting a pneumatic conveying system. Pelletron’s patented process, trade named pellcon3, covers all of these requirements, using three major process components: Strandphase, Pellbow, and DeDuster.

Strandphase is a conveying technology for gentle conveying of granular products. Moderate velocities prevent breakage and attrition of the conveyed product, keeps the generation of dust at a low level, and prevents the creation of long angel hair at plastic pellet conveying.

Pellbow is a special patented pipe elbow. The soft impact of pellets in the slurry zone and the low-wall friction eliminates the creation of attrition.
DeDuster is the dust and angel hair removal unit. The DeDuster unit removes dust particles providing high-quality granules or resin with remaining dust contents below 30PPM.

Besides the savings of 20-30% compared to dense-phase conveying at new plant installations, pellcon3 provides lower operation costs and high product quality.
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