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Open Manifold Micronizer Jet Mill

January 16, 2013

This mill pulverizes ceramic powders, as well as chemicals, pigments, cosmetics, and minerals to narrow fine particle size distributions with no moving parts. The Open Manifold Micronizer grinds and classifies powders to low and sub-micron particle sizes in a single operation using high-pressure air, gas, or steam to induce particle-on-particle impact reduction. The product size is controlled by the operating pressure, which affects the particle collision velocity, and by the feed rate, which affects the powder’s retention time in the grinding chamber. Particles are size classified by centrifugal force that holds larger particles in the grinding area and centripetal force that drags finer particles into the vortex for discharge. Micronizer jet mills have successfully processed many ceramic powders, including metal oxides, ferrites, titanates, nitrides, silicates, carbonates, etc.  
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