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Oblong Opening Mesh

October 24, 2012

Stainless steel woven wire mesh with precise opening is now available from Asada Mesh. The accuracy is less than ±10%, which is stricter than JIS8801-Test Sieves Spec. The data measured maximum and minimum values of openings at 100 points with 5 types of our stainless mesh, which shows the accuracy, is within 10%- from 330 mesh (45µm opening) ~ 635 mesh (20µm opening). Standard stainless mesh with square opening is not suitable for sieving spherical solder powder because the four points contact tends to clog sieves easily. It is hard to be washed out once it is clogged and the mesh must be replaced. Asada special stainless mesh, called Ton-Cap, has a unique structure and is recommended for spherical powder sieving. The rectangular-shaped (oblong) opening of Ton-Cap prevents from four points contact, reduces the clogging, and increases processing capacity.
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