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September 19, 2011
Dust-Tight Drum Discharging System This system safely inverts drums of dusty powders and meters the contents into an existing vessel. The hydraulic Lift & Seal System seals drums to a dust-tight pour cone with outlet valve for a clean working environment. The patented Control Link rotation system provides 180° drum rotation for maximum product discharge. The pour cone valve mates to a stationary docking transition equipped with a rotary valve feeder (not shown). All product contact surfaces are polished 304 stainless steel. Systems are custom designed to meet application requirements.  Material Transfer & Storage Inc.,  Allegan, MI 800-836-7068  www.materialtransfer.com

Reusable Bulk Containers The HDMC4845 BulkPak is available in 27- and 34-in. heights. It is designed to safely and securely utilize less usable shipping space for containers and lowering container weight so companies are able to increase the amount of product they can ship. These containers maximize truck space and offer a greater value for their standard transportation costs per bin. The HDMC4845 has been engineered to allow greater utilization of available space and to stack in a way that frees up additional space in a standard 53-ft shipping trailer. The HDMC4845-27 was specifically designed to fit 112 filled bins per inbound truckload and 252 collapsed bins per return truckload and the HDMC4845-34 fits 84 filled bins and 252 collapsed bins per truckload. Orbis Corp., Oconomowoc, WI 800-890-7292 www.orbiscorporation.com

Railcar/Truck Connectors  CycloLift railcar/truck connectors feature pneumatically actuated lifters to streamline unloading from hopper-bottom railcars and trucks – faster, simpler, and cleaner than other unloading methods. CycloLift connectors are designed to reduce the time and eliminate the spillage associated with the job of mating conventional railcar connectors with hopper gates. The connectors maintain a tight gate seal during unloading, while flexible rubber seals minimize product leakage. This tight seal is essential when handling materials that can pollute the environment or harm employees. Models are also available for dual-outlet railcars and in stainless steel for handling corrosive materials. Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

Pneumatic Loading System  The PLS-10 pneumatic loading system offers an alternative option to conventional gravity loading systems. It was designed to pneumatically convey product directly into rail cars in areas with low head room, where additional storage room wasn’t available. The pneumatic system loads, exhausts, and returns carryover product. Through a series of controls, a single operator can easily position the loader and exhaust spouts into place, seal the hatches and begin loading without having to get on top of the rail car. The exhaust spout pulls the air out of the material in such an efficient way that the product becomes deaerated. The result is faster loading cycles, eliminating the need for re-spotting the rail car and of course all of this is done dust free.  DCL Inc., Charlevoix, MI 800-748-0563 www.dclinc.com

Robotic Case Packer  The AR-200 Series robotic case packer is ideal for packing bags, bottles, cases, cans, bundles, etc., into boxes or any other rigid container. It can be standard or custom-designed for your precise needs. Its operation is simple: there is no flap holder needed thanks to robotic motion. It is compatible with finger, vacuum, magnetic, and clamp grippers. Robotic case packers can also use single or dual robots, depending on your scale of production. This option is also ideal for customers with a wide range of product types. Moreover, with its integrated vision, it can pick up different kinds of products (multi-pick) and randomly-oriented items before packing them into cases or any other rigid container. Premier Tech Systems,  Rivière-du-Loup, QC, Canada  418-868-8324  www.premiertechsystems.com