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Malvern Introduces New Cement Particle Sizing Solutions for Automated Lab

December 19, 2012
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Malvern Instruments has introduced a new robotic solution for cement analysis on the Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyzer that enables its easy integration within an automated laboratory setting. Used in combination with the Mastersizer 3000’s ceramic venturi, this robust new interface delivers fully automated, highly repeatable measurement for all cement types, with little manual intervention or maintenance. Performance tests confirm the generation of consistent high quality data with no sample cross-contamination.

Automated laboratories are established across the cement industry. They are frequently used for all routine plant analysis and are designed to ensure that what would normally be ‘manual’ interaction with the analyzers is handled by robots. Such facilities deliver value through the production of high-quality data and by eliminating the need for manual input. Consequently the equipment they contain must achieve a demanding specification.

Malvern’s new robotic solution integrates seamlessly with the Mastersizer 3000, using the analyzer’s vibratory feeder. The funnel into which the sample is poured can be orientated to meet specific laboratory layouts and its closely defined geometry minimizes the abrasive impact of the cement. Working in tandem with the analyzer’s ceramic venture, it delivers fully dispersed sample to the measurement zone at an optimal and precisely controlled feed rate.

Polished PTFE surfaces stop sample adhering to the funnel walls while a dual vacuum automated cleaning system removes any residual sample before the next analysis. In-use tests showed a standard deviation of less than 1% between repeat analyses, even for the finest cements with no cross-contamination. Steps taken to prevent powder build up on the optics ensure a steady background for measurement and lengthen running times between cleaning.

The Mastersizer 3000 measures particle size across the range 0.01 to 3500 microns and is designed for maximum productivity. Embedded technical expertise supports the user from method development through to routine analysis, while class leading performance characteristics include a data acquisition rate of up to 10 KHz, and class-leading dry dispersion capabilities. Used in combination with the new robotic solution, the Mastersizer 3000 delivers the robust and reliable analytical performance required for automated laboratory applications.

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