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Jet Sieve

April 29, 2009
Ideal for small volumes and test applications, the MLS 200 jet sieve uses standard 8-in. sieves, prevents inaccurate results due to screen blinding, and dedusts statically bound fines. Used for all dry materials from 20 to 1000 microns, the unit works well with electrostatic materials and on products that are predisposed to blinding. It can analyze sample quantities between 1 and 200 g. The sample material is put on an appropriate sized screen. The proper screening duration is selected on the timer switch and the start button is pressed. With the use of a vacuum cleaner, the material is pulled through the screen by negative pressure. Simultaneously, the screen is cleaned by the air-knife with the use of positive air pressure from under the screen. Both the negative and positive pressure are adjusted with the use of a control dial.
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