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IVEC Process Ventilation Control

February 12, 2013

IVEC was developed to provide businesses with an alternative choice in state-of-the-art, automated process control systems that have been shown to save customers up to 85% on energy consumption. Systems have been designed to accommodate a wide range of industry applications that help increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment life, etc. Backed by more than 40 years in the dust collection/air filtration industry, IVEC Systems also provides professional installation, local service support, and a team of experts that assist customers daily in taking advantage of federal and state aid programs that can turn your ventilation system into a profit center. Central to IVEC is its ability to save energy and ultimately utility cost through the system’s constant monitoring and control of your facility's process ventilation and filtration components. Conventional systems run at full power during daily operation. IVEC provides “intelligent ventilation” that automatically adjusts fan output speed up or down on-demand, depending on the process requirements of your process ventilation system.
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