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Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter

April 17, 2014

The integrated safety monitoring filter (iSMF) from Camfil APC performs a dual function: it prevents collected dust from re-entering the workplace if there is a leak in the dust collector’s primary filtering system, and it functions as a flame arrestor for combustible dust on most recirculating applications. This after-filter module is conveniently integrated on top of a Farr Gold Series cartridge dust collector, saving valuable manufacturing floor space and reducing the costs associated with remotely mounted systems. After extensive testing, the integrated SMF module is an acceptable device for protecting the exhaust of Farr Gold Series dust collectors by preventing flames from recirculating into a workspace in the event of a dust collector explosion. It thereby qualifies as a flame arrestor as outlined in NFPA Performance-based provisions and NFPA 654 and 101 Life Safety Objectives related to dust collector deflagration and explosion. In some cases, additional pressure wave protection could be required. The iSMF is offered with HEPA filters for critical applications or ASHRAE-grade filters for a more economical option. Both versions allow convenient access to after-filters and easy change-out via the same platform used to access the primary filters.
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