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Floveyor Aeromechanical Conveyor

March 21, 2012

The Floveyor aeromechanical conveyor loads dry bulk materials simply, efficiently, and quickly. From bulk bags into elevated hoppers or process vessels, from railcars or bulk trucks into silos, from small bags into feeder hoppers, from drums into fillers, the Floveyor transfers all types of granules, powders, flakes, or mixtures. The machine can be positioned at any inclined angle and can be customized to 90 ft. Constructed of stainless or carbon steel, the Floveyor solves applications in a dust-contained, low-horsepower usage, and hygenic manner.  Use gravity flow to your advantage by loading a quantity of material into an elevated surge within a short amount of time that keeps the process running for the next period of time. 
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