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Editor's Choice

March 6, 2007

Low-Pressure Bursting Disk
The Opti-Gard SoLo has been developed specifically for low-pressure applications from 2 psig. It features a 95% operating-to-burst pressure ratio and a performance tolerance of just 3%. It comes prefitted with integral Flo-Tel, a noninvasive, magnetic burst-detection system. Unlike traditional membrane-type detectors, Flo-Tel is fail-safe and operates only when a disk has ruptured, eliminating false alarms and unnecessary downtime. The disk fits all standard Opti-Gard and Hygienic Opti-Gard holders and comes standard in corrosion-resistant Hastelloy. Other materials, including stainless steel, are available on request.
Elfab, Erlanger, KY 859-653-9317 www.elfab.com

Particle Analyzer Plate-Tracking Function
New software for the Morphologi G2 high-sensitivity particle image analyzer incorporates a plate-tracking facility that enhances its accuracy, especially at high magnifications. The new function allows the system to recognize and compensate for any tilting of the sample plate, resulting in improved optical focus. Using four reference points at the corners of the scanning area, the plate-tracking function attaches a z position to each x-y coordinate. Crosshairs locate the z position of the glass sample carrier surface at the four corners of the measurement area, and from these the software can calculate plate tilt, allowing automatic adjustment of the z drive to compensate for any tilt. This method ensures that the distance between the optics and glass surface remains constant, maximizing measurement accuracy. Supplied as an integral part of any new purchase, the upgrade is provided free of charge to existing Morphologi G2 customers.
Malvern Instruments Inc., Southborough, MA 508-480-0200 www.malvern.com

Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner
A hydraulic bulk-bag conditioner loosens bulk solid material that has solidified during storage and shipment, enabling bulk-bag unloaders to discharge it through bag spouts. The conditioner features two hydraulic rams with specially contoured end plates to press opposing sides of bulk bags. An optional hydraulically actuated variable-height turntable allows in-frame bag rotation and conditioning of bulk bags at varying heights. The number and pressure of hydraulic ram actuations, the height of the turntable, and the number of 90° rotations is user adjustable. The system controller and hydraulic pump can be mounted on the exterior of the safety cage or remotely. The conditioner is fully enclosed on all four sides for operator safety and includes full-height doors that are interlocked to prevent system operation when the doors are open.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com
Radar Level Transmitter
The Sitrans LR 460 radar level transmitter is available for performing measurements in difficult solids-level applications. Built on the Sitrans LR 400 platform, the transmitter features 24-GHz frequency-modulated continuous-wave technology and process intelligence echo processing. It is used for solids applications containing extreme dust, high temperatures, and ranges to 328 ft. Virtually any solid medium can be measured, including cement powder, fly ash, coal, gypsum, flour, grain, aggregates, and plastics. With process intelligence, the unit measures these materials without ever touching them.
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc., Alpharetta, GA 770-751-2211 www.sea.siemens.com
Industrial Air Filter
The Ultra-Web SB is tough filter media for dust collection in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile, grain, woodworking, metalworking, and many other manufacturing processes that encounter agglomerative dust. The media are an extension of the Ultra-Web line of nanofiber media technology for industrial applications. They combine the surface-loading and dust-release capabilities of Ultra-Web nanofibers with a strong spunbond polyester substrate to create filter cartridges with durability, moisture and chemical tolerance, long life, high efficiency, and a lower pressure drop than spunbond or meltblown media. These characteristics enable energy-efficient operation.
Donaldson Co. Inc., Minneapolis, MN 888-338-3878 www.donaldsontorit.com