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April 20, 2009

Bulk Bag Filler
This basic bulk bag filler performs low-capacity filling operations at minimal cost. The unit can be upgraded with performance enhancements, including a material delivery system integrated with the user’s process equipment or bulk storage vessels. The Model BFB filler is a lighter-duty version of the heavy-gauge Twin-Centerpost filler. The unit features a patented design with two on-center posts that offers the structural integrity of four-post fillers, but at lower material and fabrication costs, and with less weight. It also affords easier access to the bag spout and loops. The filler is equipped with fill head height adjustment to accommodate all popular bag sizes, in addition to an inflatable cuff to seal the bag inlet spout, and a feed chute vent port for dust-free air displacement during filling.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com

Pulverizing Systems
Powder King Anthem (PKA) series pulverizing systems have a streamlined look and provide increased production rates, low maintenance costs, and ease of operation. Features include: a direct-drive mill; HY-PRO disks; an advanced streamline mill design; pocketed disks mounting on flywheel and water jacket; segmented disk mounting clamps; disk gap adjusters that use one simple Allen wrench for gap setting; a PLC control panel with touch screen operator interface; multideck sifters; and a compact footprint.
Powder King LLC, Anthem, AZ 623-551-9897 www.powder-king.com

Vacuum Conveying
The VS series for vacuum conveying replaces the VR series and offers numerous upgrades, including improved module connection, a quick-change filter system, and improved discharge modules.There are also fewer moving parts, which optimizes performance. Key features include: a new and improved patented module system with common seals for more-efficient, easier cleaning and mistake-free reassembly; a new filter system with quick snap-on connection that combines radial and axial sealing, hygienic sealing, and no-tool assembly; and improved discharge modules that offer increased discharging diameter and external pneumatic drive. The discharge modules allow for quicker release of material and no pneumatic parts inside the conveyor to contaminate material flow.
Volkmann Inc., Hainesport, NJ 609-265-0101 www.volkmann.info/en

Compact Vacuum
The Nilfisk CFM 127 is a compact, intermittent-duty vacuum, designed with all the features of larger models. It is ideal for general cleaning, collection, and containment of fine powders and toxic debris in specialized applications. Other features and benefits include a large main filter that provides more surface area for filtering and resists premature clogging (optional upstream HEPA filter provides 99.97% efficiency, down to and including 0.3 µm); and an external filter shaker handle that keeps the main filter free of clogging dust and maintains the vacuum’s maximum suction power and filtration performance. Suction performance is monitored by a manometer and light, which allows the user to know when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. A sound suppressor diffuses the exhaust air for optimum noise control; and it has a strong, solid construction with high-quality materials (steel, stainless steel, ABS plastic).
Nilfisk CFM, Malvern, PA 610-647-6420 www.stop-the-dust.com

Rotary Valve
The UltraValve complements the tough severe-duty PMV rotary valve line. It uses a case-hardening process that increases abrasion- and corrosion-resistance, while exhibiting high fatigue strength. Like other PMV rotary valves, this valve can be quickly rebuilt from off-the-shelf parts. It has been tested extensively in the most demanding applications.
Precision Machine & Mfg. Inc., Eugene, OR 541-484-9841 www.premach.com

Fusion Screens
Fusion screens were developed from a new technology that fuses the screen mesh to the tension ring. The screens have been designed to eliminate the use of adhesive, epoxy, or silicone in screen manufacturing, resulting in a unitary construction that minimizes the potential for contamination. Added benefits include precise repeatable tensioning and engineered uniform integral strain relief created from the complex robotic manufacturing process. Robotic manufacturing also results in faster turnaround for improved lead time and service. The screens are comprised of the gasket, strain relief, and screen frame as one molded part. As an option, a one-piece center disk with integral strain relief is also available for screens needing center support. The screens are available in standard Fusion and Fusion Plus construction. Fusion Plus has FDA-approved components for use in sanitary applications and higher temperature limits.
Sweco, Florence, KY 859-371-4360 www.sweco.com

Large Tank Washers
TankJet 4 tank washers provide high-impact cleaning of tanks up to 98 ft. They provide consistent impact over the entire pressure range to ensure superior cleaning. They are equipped with special nozzles that minimize turbulence and improve stream integrity for increased impact and greater cleaning effectiveness. The nozzles rotate 360° in horizontal and vertical planes, creating a crisscrossing pattern that thoroughly cleans tanks of even difficult-to-remove residues. The units are sleek and compact and fit in tank openings of 6.7 in. Pin and clutch versions are available to accommodate both permanent installations and portable operation. A variety of nozzle, rotor, and stator sizes are also available so the units can be easily customized based on application requirements.
Spraying Systems Co., Wheaton, IL 630-665-5000