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Dust Collection

April 12, 2011

Monitor Technologies LLCHopper Level Sensors
The Model KA/KAX rotary paddle level switch detects when a dust collection hopper is becoming full. The Model KA/KAX works best with particles that have a medium to high bulk density. The PZP vibratory level sensor is used for materials with a lower bulk density. The PZP can detect materials as light as 1.25 lb/cu ft. Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-601-5953 www.monitortech.com

JDB Dense Flow Inc.Compact Bin Vents
These compact bin vents are capable of handling CFM requirements up to 1800 CFM. Typical applications include separating clean air from the dust-laden air of a conveying system. The compact design allows for installation in tight areas, and the air pulse cleaning system combined with a minimum of three filter cartridges increases the cartridge effectiveness and lifespan. Features of the newly designed “square” units include a compact design, spun-bond cartridges, an easy cartridge removal system, and air-pulse cleaning. The bin vents are 100% efficient to 1 micron. JDB Dense Flow Inc., Palm Harbor, FL 800-822-3569 www.jdbdenseflow.com

American Fabric Filter Co.Plenum Replacement Bags
High-efficiency replacement bags are available for all plenum style collectors, whether for an OEM baghouse or an individually designed system. Free technical assistance is available to ensure a match to your plenum design and a proper fit. Filters may be ordered with a zipper at the bottom for emptying or for use with a bucket or drum. Singed-surface scrim-supported felt promotes filtration of the finest dust while offering durability and long bag life. Numerous options include clear viewports, belt loops for easy installation, and a skirt to keep the rim clean and facilitate dumping. American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591 www.americanfabricfilter.com

Imperial Systems Inc.Cartridge Dust Collector
The CMAXX cartridge dust collector is designed with patent-pending PD Technology for maximum cleaning performance. The CMAXX has 10% more filter media than other same sized vertical cartridge collectors. The internal area of the collector offers 20% more area around the filters causing more dust to drop in the hopper before attaching to the filters. The CMAXX is designed for DeltaMAXX filters, which feature low operational costs and grant total pulse distribution. The DeltaMAXX offers up to 40% cleaning power and up to twice the filter life. Imperial Systems Inc., Jackson Center, PA 800-918-3013 www.isystemsweb.com

MidwescoDust Monitoring Systems
To meet the requirements for reliable and repeatable detection, PCME (available through Midwesco) has produced a series of fully MACT-compliant versions of its ElectroDynamic dust monitoring systems. The STACK 990 for instance, automatically checks and logs zero and span tests to verify that amplification and conditioning of the measured signal is performed within pre-defined tolerances. The QA screen provides a summary of all drift check and contamination results. Midwesco, Winchester, VA 540-504-8096 www.midwescofilter.com

Pelletron Corp.De-Dusting System
DeDusting systems are used in the bulk handling industry for cleaning of all kind of granular products. DeDuster systems reduce the scrap rate and increase profitability by removing unwanted contaminants prior processing, extrusion, and packaging. Traditional DeDuster designs require the product inlet and outlet to be in a straight line. While this design remains effective, the constant need to respond to changing processing conditions led to the design of the OS DeDuster series. The OS DeDuster series offers an offset inlet and outlet connection, for installation in existing angled silo outlet pipes, without changing the pipe geometry. All other features of the Pelletron DeDusting technology, such as the magnetic field and the Venturi zone, remain unchanged. Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

Scientific Dust CollectorsNozzle-Based Cleaning System
SDC offers state-of-the art nozzle cleaning technology for reverse pulse-jet dust collectors. The new cleaning nozzle provides an improvement in cleaning technology that achieves better performance at a lower pressure drop. The key to the performance of this cleaning system is the scientific design of the cleaning nozzle. Previous nozzle designs provided a significant 40% increase in cleaning flow when compared to generic venturi-based cleaning systems. The improved nozzle design adds an additional 12% cleaning flow into the media for enhanced filter cleaning and better filter performance, providing longer filter life with less media. Scientific Dust Collectors, Alsip, IL 708-597-7090 www.scientificdustcollectors.com

FilterSenseBaghouse Performance Analyzer & Controller
The B-PAC series of baghouse performance analyzers and controllers offer a combination of features to help powder processing, air pollution control, and dust collection users meet EPA or OSHA compliance, while simultaneously reducing operating costs and improving the process. The controllers tightly integrate control, sensing, and high-speed digital signal analysis to provide time- and money-saving diagnostics including: the ability to detect/locate filter leaks weeks before emissions are visible; the ability to detect/locate failed pulse solenoids that can lead to plugged filters; and the ability to instantly detect/locate ruptured or frozen pulse-jet diaphragms where one undetected rupture can cost $1000 of compressed air in one week. The controller also provides intelligent filter cleaning which extends filter life and lowers emissions, while reducing compressed air use by 15-40% over traditional PLC programming and up to 90% over continuous cleaning. FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304 www.filtersense.com

Donaldson Company, Inc.Oval Filters
Made with proprietary Ultra-Web nanofiber technology on a spunbond (SB) substrate, Donaldson Torit pleated filter bags can now be ordered in both round and oval configurations. The addition of the oval configuration to the pleated filter bag program allows the company to put its nanofiber technology into all popular makes and models of baghouse collectors. The Ultra-Web SB media used in the pleated bag program consists of a layer of nanofibers (most of which are only 0.3 microns in diameter) over a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate. The substrate is known to work well in applications where agglomerative dust is problematic – including food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cement, gypsum, rock, paint, chemical, and others. Donaldson Company, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 800-365-1331 www.donaldson.com

Abanaki Corp.Compact Cyclone Dust Collector
The GPC dust collector uses a ground-plate design that increases efficiency in a more compact unit. It costs less than comparable units and is just as efficient as dust collectors 1.5 to 2 times its size. The unique design of this dust collector provides a high-efficiency, compact unit that is available in horizontal or vertical configurations. The unit is designed to reduce particulate emissions at processing plants, reclaim useful material from air/gas waste streams, or as a pre-filter in front of baghouse filters. It handles a wide variety of dry materials including sawdust, sand, plastics, and cereal/grain. Aerodyne, Chagrin Falls, OH 800-358-7546 www.dustcollectorhq.com/034

HapmanBag Dump Station with Dust Control System
This low-profile, bag dump station helps minimize dust when introducing bagged products into a process. It has a self-contained filtration system with a 99.9% collection efficiency down to 1 micron. No external ducting or auxiliary fans are necessary. The bag dump station features a low-maintenance, reverse-pulse cleaning system with an easily accessible single filter cartridge. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.hapman.com

Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions-DuallWet Particulate Dust Collector
The Hydro-Lance wet particulate dust collector utilizes patent-pending Submerged Air Venturi (SAVe) technology to avoid operational issues associated with standard Venturi scrubber systems including pump failures, small orifice nozzle clogging, material failures, and general maintenance headaches, while still providing the time-proven Venturi collection methodology. Key features of this collector include: greater than 99% removal guaranteed; thermoplastic, steel, or other materials of construction; automatic sludge removal; removable Venturi throat; and integral exhaust fan. Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions-Duall, Owosso, MI 989-725-8184 www.dualldiv.com

Dynamic Air Inc.Downdraft Dust Collector
With the Modu-Kleen downdraft dust collector, the air enters at the top of the dust collector housing and flows downward to the cartridge filters, improving the filtering process and the material-to-air ratio. Air velocities are much lower than those with a conventional dust collector, reducing the load on each filter cartridge and extending filter life. Cartridge filters are positioned horizontally, requiring less floor space and making filter removal easier. Personnel never have to enter the filter housing for general maintenance or for cartridge filter removal. This provides a safe and quick method of filter removal. For fast and easy inspections, a large, quick-opening door allows maintenance personnel to closely inspect each cartridge when required. In addition, any single cartridge can be removed without disturbing adjacent cartridges. Each cartridge filter has a built-in quarter turn bayonet mount, so no tools of any kind are required for cartridge removal. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

Camfil Farr APCReplacement Filter
This HemiPleat NoOval replacement filter offers high filtration efficiency, excellent energy performance, and long life. Designed with an “oval to round” configuration that allows a perfect fit into down flow-style dust collectors that use oval filters, the patent-pending filter carries a no-risk performance guarantee from the manufacturer. It is ideal for improving overall performance or solving problems such as short filter life with existing dust collectors. The new filter features an exclusive Nano fiber media that is strong enough to handle the most difficult dust challenges. Its open-pleat design allows greater media utilization for more effective cleaning and lower pressure drop – resulting in greatly extended filter life and energy savings. Camfil Farr APC, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801 www.farrapc.com

AirlancoCustom Dust Control Equipment
This complete line of dust control equipment – including cyclones, airlocks, bin vents, pulse-jet filters, reverse-air filters, cartridge filters, filter media, and other equipment – can be customized to suit the application or can be purchased from in-stock equipment. Also offered is a comprehensive selection of replacement parts and accessories to keep your dust collection system operating at peak efficiency. Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

MAC EquipmentCompact Dust Collector
The SpaceSaver provides high-efficiency collection built in a compact, low-profile design. Up to 75% smaller than conventional collection systems, the SpaceSaver utilizes a state-of-the-art pleated media and configuration that reduces energy consumption. Its reduced footprint makes it ideal for limited access areas, such as belt and bucket conveying, bin vents, silo and pit collections, or anywhere that requires maximum collection in a confined space. In addition, the top access plenum design incorporates a blow pipe frame arrangement that eliminates maintenance challenges for filter removal and installation. MAC Equipment, Kansas City, MO 800-821-2476 www.macspacesaver.com

Tri-Mer Corp.Filter Systems
UltraTemp and UltraCat systems feature a new generation of ceramic filters for hot gas filtration of fine, submicron, ultrafine particles. The UltraTemp filtration system uses proprietary low-density, ductile ceramic filters that are lightweight, strong, and self-supporting, and have high thermal shock resistance. With a high open area, the filters have low flow resistance, while maintaining excellent particle capture. Performance features include: high collection efficiency (typical results are below 0.001 grain/dscf), high-temperature hot gas filtration capability (maximum operating temperature 1650ºF); and high resistance to corrosion. The UltraCat catalyst filters are identical with UltraTemp filters except with embedded nanobits of NOx catalyst in the walls of the filters that remove high levels of NOx and dioxins at temperatures as low as 350°F. Tri-Mer Corp., Owosso, MI 989-723-7838 www.tri-mer.com