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DEM Concepts and Applications Panel

March 5, 2014

A Keynote Technology Panel on Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) Concepts and Applications will take place Wednesday, May 7, 9am-10am, at the International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference in Rosemont, IL. Topics will include:

•    Proper uses and applications
•    Limitations of DEM – including particle number, size and shape
•    Understanding the output and inputs – the importance of calibrated parameter inputs
•    Parameter calibration – from particle scale to site modeling
•    Devising an optimum design and using DEM tools to fine-tune that design
•    Advanced features of DEM such as wear modeling and force exports
•    Coupling of DEM with additional tools such Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Shrikant Dhodapkar, Fellow of the Dow Chemical Technical Program, and adjunct professor, Process Fundamentals, University of Pittsburgh will moderate this panel. Panelists include: Richard LaRoche, vice president of engineering & US general manager, DEM Solutions; Alan Roberts, professor emeritus, University of Newcastle, and founding director, Tunra Bulk & Solids (Australia); Andre Katterfeld, professor, Institute of Logistics & Material Handling Systems, Universitat Magdeburg (Germany); Tim Donohue, engineering manager for modeling & simulation, Tunra Bulk & Solids; Yutaka Tsuji, professor emeritus - managing director of Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation, retired from Osaka University (Japan).

“This talk will touch on where DEM is on the technology adoption curve with different industries,” says LaRoche. “I will discuss some of the perceived barriers to adoption that we at DEM Solutions see and experience for instance effective material models, depth of understanding of the technology with management, engineers who are able to use DEM, etc.”

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