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Cyclone Screener

February 27, 2013

The Type DA 650 Vario cyclone screener features a built-in self-dosing device that eliminates the need for an additional upstream dosing unit. The dosing capacity can be adapted to specific process requirements by means of the frequency converter. To cope with a wide range of differing products, screening capacities, or mesh sizes, the screener output can be adapted by combining different dosing modules with the screener module. The ability to use varying dosing modules gives the DA 650 Vario flexibility and scalability. Both drive units are completely extractable without the need of tools, allowing for easy and fast inspection and cleaning of the dosing screw and screen basket. The DA 650 Vario is suitable for control and safety screening, fractioning, deagglomeration, and product aeration. It is available in a variety of stainless steel finishes and can be retrofit into an existing system.
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