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Classifier Mill

March 5, 2009
This classifier mill offers the combination of two-stage closed-circuit grinding with inter-stage classification. It was developed to handle higher volume and very fine size reduction jobs, and it fine-grinds and classifies materials such as grain, sugar, spices, glazes, protein, gelatin, and cocoa. The mill utilizes a 3- to 200-HP motor and provides size reduction from 100 mesh down to low micron sizes. It combines classifying with grinding and its unique design provides a narrow spread of particle size. All material that is ground in the first stage enters a classifying chamber. Particles larger than specified are rejected by the classifier, allowing only properly sized product to exit the mill. All rejected material is directed to the third stage, a separate part of the grinding rotor, where it is processed until it is ground to an acceptable size. The unit is especially useful on hard-to-grind materials and on a more-narrow particle-distribution curve than practical with the company’s M-series mills.
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