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Blowers & Fans

April 2, 2008

Rotary Positive-Displacement Blowers
Booth 2237 – The Q-series rotary positive-displacement blower line provides high efficiency, high pressure with low noise, 18-psi or 17-in.Hg dry vacuum, flow to 3400 cfm, and speeds to 4800 rpm. Features include precision helical gears that are keyed to rotor shafts for quieter running, double-row ball bearings for added durability, two-lobe and tri-lobe rotors, combination piston ring air/gas and oil labyrinth seals fitted as standard, and oil lubrication on both ends with easy-to-see sight glasses.
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, Springfield, MO 800-825-6937 http://vacuum.tuthill.com

Regenerative Blowers
The patented design of the K-series blowers features improved performance to power, quiet operation, pressure capabilities to 10.8 psig, vacuum capacities to 14.7 in.Hg, airflows more than 1500 cfm, and optional mounting ports for installation flexibility. Horsepower options range from 1/3 to 50. All blowers are backed by a three-year warranty.
FPZ Inc., Saukville, WI 262-268-0180 www.fpz.com

Blower Packages
Booth 4402 – Available in 8- and 15-psig models, blower packages are custom built to requirements for elevation, temperature, noise reduction, and application. Intermediate-pressure (15-psig) blower packages are designed for semi-dense-phase vacuum loading and pressure conveying as well as PD railcar or truck unloading. Low-pressure (8-psig) blowers and vacuum pumps are manufactured for dilute-phase conveying, silo and hopper aeration, and air-shoot conveying applications. Both models come standard with an inlet filter with a service indicator, premium inlet and exhaust silencers, a 10-ft hot blower hose, a safety pressure-relief valve, and a heavy-duty outlet check valve.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

Tri-Lobe Blower Packages
Booth 2507 – The expanded line of Com-paK Plus tri-lobe blower packages includes the CB 110 and CB 130C units, which deliver up to 434 cfm of air under pressures to 15 psig and vacuum to 15 in.Hg. The new units have a smaller footprint than previous models. They have a removable front panel for easy access and are equipped with a simplified check valve for customization on-site. Both units feature a new angled inlet filter for quick cartridge changes. The new models are quieter than previous models. Each unit comes completely assembled with a blower, motor, and silencers to minimize installation costs. All maintenance points, including an automatic belt-tensioning device, oil drains and filter elements, are accessible from the front. All utility connections are at the rear, allowing multiple units to be mounted side-by-side without the need for additional access clearance.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873 www.kaeser.com

Industrial Exhauster
The Series 05F industrial exhauster is designed for material conveying, dust and fume removal, and industrial-gas handling. Efficient airflow is provided at high pressure-to-flow ratios with lower sound levels than other exhausters. The direct-drive, Arrg. 4 exhauster is available in sizes from 12 to 33 in. with clockwise or counterclockwise rotations and three wheel choices. With its compact design, the unit is ideal for mounting directly on top of the dust collector.
Hartzell Fan Inc., Piqua, OH 800-336-3267 www.hartzellfan.com

Industrial Fans
Radial-tip belt-drive industrial fans offer safe operation and convenient access for service. These customizable models come with pedestal or unitary bases and range from 1000 to 100,000 cfm. The fans are used for makeup air and general ventilation duty, and they serve as components in dust-collection and cyclone receiver systems. Fan wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth and reliable operation. Fan blades and housings come standard in carbon steel, but they can be ordered in stainless steel, aluminum, Hastelloy, and combinations of these materials.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 402-245-2325 www.airlanco.com