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Schenck Process Releases High-Capacity Weighbeam

July 26, 2018
Schenck Process SENSiQ WB weighbeam technology
Schenck Process SENSiQ WB weighbeam technology

Schenck Process announces the latest generation of its SENSiQ WB weighbeam technology. The latest release is a high-capacity load cell with a nominal capacity of 600 metric tons for installation by simple bolting into the given steel structure. This makes it ideal for hopper scales with a total weight of up to 2500 tons, as well as for hoppers in train loading systems.

Furthermore, the latest SENSiQ WB development is characterized by the following improved technical features:

* expanded operating temperature range between -40° and 180°C
* higher accuracy to an error of +0.07% across the entire load range
* all load cells of the SENSiQ WB fulfil IP68 requirements according to ANSI/IEC 60529.

Installation of these SENSiQ WB weighbeams is simple and cost-effective. They connect directly inside the given structure without moving parts and transmit all disturbance forces and moments with minimal measuring value interference. Plus, the weighbeams function entirely maintenance-free in the harshest conditions, offering high long-term stability and high reproducibility.

Schenck Process LLC, Whitewater, WI 262-473-2441 www.schenckprocess.com

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Schenck Process