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March 1, 2017
Beumer fillpac filling machine
Beumer fillpac filling machine

The Beumer fillpac filling machine can be flexibly integrated with existing packaging lines and can be optimally adapted to the customer's situation. Specific weighing electronics ensure the weight accuracy of the bags. Rejects caused by too high or too low filling weights can nearly be excluded.

The fillpac is equipped with a weighing unit that communicates permanently with the filler neck via a specific software. The automatic bag weight adjustment determines the exact filling weight of the bags, enabling the exact degrees of filling during the filling process. The user can design packaging lines more efficiently as it is no longer necessary to remove under or overweight bags from the line. In addition, the quantity indicated on the bag always corresponds to the real volume.

The fillpac is designed for capacities ranging from 300 to 6000 bags/hr and can fill various bag types. If equipped with a special bag placer, it can even fill HDPE bags. The three-position cylinder that regulates the coarse and fine flow is protected from dust, because it is positioned vertically and outside of the dirty area. The cylinder for bag discharging is also located in the dust-free zone above the filling spout. This solution minimizes wear and tear on both cylinders, ensuring longer service life.

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Almost all built-in components of the fillpac are freely available commercially. This reduces delivery times for spare parts and lowers capital costs for the user. Also, the system is designed so that it is easily accessible for maintenance. The generously dimensioned filling impeller reduces fill times, increasing throughput. The system is also equipped with an ergonomic control terminal. The improved human-machine interface concept makes work simple and intuitive.

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