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Push-Pull Reclaim for Storage Systems

November 25, 2019
Biomass Engineering & Equipment smart floor
Biomass Engineering & Equipment smart floor

Smart floors from Biomass Engineering & Equipment enable operators to automate the unload process to feed discharge with metered flow rates, introduce redundancy to avoid costly shut downs, and easily perform maintenance.

Smart floors utilize wedged, push-pull strokers to move material. They excel at reclaiming material difficult to reclaim with rotating, screw-based systems and can be configured to work in 20-45-ft storage containers (stationary or mobile); multiple, stacked containers; bunkers; and large storage buildings.

Features of these systems include independent hydraulics, an accessible drive system (no need to empty the silo to perform maintenance), optional heated floors, optional overflow protection, modular construction, and quick installation. They can receive material via an overhead conveyor, from wheel loaders, and truck tippers. Stationary containers with smart floors can be stacked up to three high for increased vertical capacity.

Biomass Engineering & Equipment, Indianapolis, IN 317-522-0864 www.biomassengineeringequipment.com

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