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Process Hopper Scale System

August 10, 2016
CompuWeigh's low-maintenance process hopper scale
CompuWeigh's low-maintenance process hopper scale

This low-maintenance process hopper scale is ideal for obtaining accurate, continuous weighing of dry bulk materials. Seven standard sizes are available to meet the needs of specific applications. It can be supplied as a stand-alone weigh hopper or with upper and lower hoppers for maximum throughput and continuous material flow. The system can also be easily modified to handle special applications.  

Features include:

•    NTEP-approved, legal-for-trade scale delivers 99.9% accuracy
•    Throughput of up to 216 tn/hr (depending on product density)
•    2.5- to 45-cu-ft weigh hopper capacities
•    Standard painted finish; complete stainless steel construction available
•    Widely used for measuring in-plant production figures, load-out, and receiving applications
•    Commonly tied into plant PLCs for remote operation
•    Ability to control multiple scales from on central control station and centralize reporting
•    System is shipped completely assembled, pre-tested, and ready for installation

CompuWeigh, Woodbury, CT 203-262-9400 www.compuweigh.com

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