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Octagonal-Shaped Bag

February 5, 2018
Bulk Lift Stack-Pac M-Series FIBC
Bulk Lift Stack-Pac M-Series FIBC

Bulk Lift recently introduced the Stack-Pac M-Series FIBC, an octagonal-shaped bag designed to reduce bulk bag bloat, which can lead to damage and subsequent product loss, resulting in higher supply chain costs. Producing a straighter, more stable FIBC makes it easier to load, unload, and stack, resulting in shorter process times, optimized transport and warehouse space, and lower product loss. Customers who previously used a baffled or rectangular-based FIBC often see the biggest improvement when switching to a Stack-Pac M-Series FIBC in light of its simplistic design and excellent performance. It helps with product waste, instability, excessive leaning, or pallet overhang issues.
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