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New Mixer Can Be Re-Used Without Washing

April 7, 2020
Super Floater mixer
Super Floater mixer

The Super Floater plastic bag holding mixer is a 3-D movement mixer that achieves various blends without needing to be washed. The operator only has to change the plastic bag inside the mixer between blends.

Features include:

* Plastic bag to be held in the vessel for easy batch changing; no washing is needed
* 3-D movement mixing using bottom vibrator to achieve 70% energy saving mixing
* Various usages for powders, granules, and liquids
* Easy cleaning/maintenance; GMP pharmaceutical model is available
* One mixer can use three capacity sizes (i.e. 10, 20, 50 liter for SFC-50) vessel

Applications include pharmaceuticals/supplements, powder/liquid and granulation, food (additives, soup ingredients, powder drink, powder coloring, shortening), etc.

Kawata/AAAmachine Inc., Des Plaines, IL 224-829-1498 www.aaamachine.com

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