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Metalfab Volumetric Transfer Screw Increases Throughput, Provides Consistent Feed

April 12, 2017
Metalfab MHS volumetric transfer screw
Metalfab MHS volumetric transfer screw

Increasing output requires top performance from every piece of equipment in your process line. When end-of-the-line equipment can handle more capacity than the upstream equipment feeding it, your customer’s demand for increased output will go unanswered.

The Dilemma: An air classifier mill (ACM) processing sugar is reduced to a feed rate much lower than its maximum capacity because upstream processes cannot supply product at a matching rate.  

The Fix: The simple addition of a Metalfab MHS volumetric transfer screw increased throughput and provided a consistent feed into the mill. The new transfer screw also reduced surges or spikes in amperage, which reduced stress on the ACM’s motor, thereby extending motor life. The Metalfab volumetric transfer screw now provides a feed rate equal to the maximum capacity of the ACM. The increase in output has this manufacturer meeting the growing demands of its customers.

Metalfab Material Handling Systems LLC, Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999 www.metalfabMHS.com

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