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High-Pressure Rotary Valve Beats Air Leakage

October 2, 2017
The DMN HP high-pressure rotary airlock valve
The DMN HP high-pressure rotary airlock valve

The DMN HP high-pressure rotary airlock valve has a specially designed inlet, suitable for applications in the metering and pneumatic conveying of granular products under a maximum pressure of 50.75 psi. The configuration of the body and rotor not only protects product against degradation, but also prevents any axial air leakage. This means that this valve has an air leakage reduction of one third of other standard high-pressure valves. The configuration of the body, rotor, and seals has been specifically designed to minimize the degradation of product, which runs through it, while retaining the best possible pocket filling efficiency. All models offer optimum venting through the large vent hole, so a maximum product flow into the vented pockets is guaranteed. The HP valves are available in 8, 10, and 12-in. sizes, and are suitable for handling product temperatures up to 175°F and a maximum pressure of 3.5 bar.
DMN Inc., West Memphis, AR 870-733-9100 www.dmn-inc.com

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