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Enhanced Deduster Introduced

September 10, 2015
Pharma Technology Inc.'s (PTI) enhanced PharmaFlex iSeries deduster
Pharma Technology Inc.'s (PTI) enhanced PharmaFlex iSeries deduster

Pharma Technology Inc. (PTI) is offering benefits to its enhanced PharmaFlex iSeries deduster for its introduction into the North American market.  

The streamlined deduster now features dust-tight Level 3 occupation exposure banding (OEB) standard execution for all machines, as well as modular contraction with bolts on high-containment and WIP modules (both OEB Level 5 rated). The iSeries also comes with interchangeable clear polymer or stainless steel with clear polymer hood segmented spirals, and is compatible with PTI’s two-parameter in process tablet tester (weight and thickness) for a cost-effective automated solution.

The PharmaFlex iSeries deduster features several upgrades over its predecessor, the PharmaFlex line of dedusters. The iSeries offers an output increased by up to 20%, a more efficient dedusting process, and enhanced resistance to prolonged heat, alcohol, and industrial detergents exposure. The geometry of the spiral has been engineered for faster drying time with the WIP version.

In addition to these next-generation benefits, the PharmaFlex iSeries deduster offers all innovations available with the original PharmaFlex range of dedusters, whose materials and design allow dust extraction to take place on the spiral’s outer circumference, as close as possible to the path of the tablets. The result is an increased dedusting capacity compared to traditional units.  

Other features of the PharmaFlex iSeries deduster include:

•    Enlarged tablet inlet and outlet ports for higher output (>1million/h with 12mm tablets)
•    Enlarged circumferential dust extraction channel for improved dedusting efficiency
•    A self-regulating vibratory base, making it unnecessary to adjust gaps of springs on the unit’s base when changing the deduster’s tower height, or when transitioning from one product to another
•    Clear spiral segments for the complete tower, providing direct sightlines to tablets throughout the process
•    A tower comprised entirely of Tritan, a clear FDA-accepted polymer that provides increased resistance to alcohol and industrial detergent exposure, as well as protection against heat conditions up to 85°C. Tritan is also resistant to shock and does not shatter when dropped from as high as seven feet.
•    The unit’s spiral tower can be easily exchanged and replaced by a clean tower (or a tower of a different height) in under three minutes

Pharma Technology Inc., Piscataway, NJ 973-668-3197 www.pharmatec-inc.com

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