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Dryer Discharge System

January 22, 2020
Anhydro brand Spin Flash dryer
Anhydro brand Spin Flash dryer

Powder Show Booth 2230 - The Anhydro brand Spin Flash dryer can continuously dry cohesive and non-cohesive pastes, filter cakes, and certain high-viscosity liquids to a powder in a single step. Its blades, however, are designed for mixing and dispersing, not chopping. Often, feeds come in with a limited percentage of larger solids pieces, such as pebbles, which cannot be conveyed. Other feeds with fibers--such as okara or algae--tend to create “balls” due to the high-rotational mixing in the dryer. The accumulation of such lumps in the dryer has historically required frequent shutdown to remove them. To address this issue, SPX Flow has developed a patented discharge system for the dryer to remove most lumps and balls before they cause a shutdown. Automatic removal of these lumps should extend running time, save hours spent on cleaning, and increase dryer uptime to enhance productivity.

SPX Flow Inc., Getzville, NY 800-252-5200 www.spxflow.com

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